Frequently Asked Questions

What is Affiliate Fan? is an affiliate program for webmasters who want to promote our comic book websites in order to receive a revenue share.
How do I become an affiliate?
Use the form on the home page. Be sure to follow the instructions correctly.
How long does the tracking cookie last?
We offer a 7 day tracking cookie for referred users. If the user leaves the page and returns within 7 days and signs up you will receive credit.
What revenue share do I as an affiliate receive?
50/50 split for the lifetime of the member.
Where do I get the files to use for promotion?
The Promotional Materials page within the affiliate section ontains all that you will need to promote our sites efficiently.
What type of tracking system do you use?
CCBill WMS Tracking System. This is one of the most reliable affiliate tracking systems around. You never need to worry about a missed sale.
How do I receive the money I earn?
All transactions are processed by CCBill, LLC. After a certain minimum dollar amount is reached CCBill will mail a check to you. Checks are sent out bi-weekly. Alternatively you can request that CCBill send your earnings via wire transfer. You can also change the payout threshold by contacting CCBill directly.
How do I link to your websites correctly?
You may append your affiliate tracking code to any URL on our site tour. For example if you want to send people to the GiantessFan homepage you simply add " /r=xxxxxx" to the end of the homepage URL (without the quotes and replacing the x's with your AffiliateFan ID code). Your final link code will look like " /r=xxxxxx". Visit the Link Codes page in the affiliate section for more information.
What website(s) can I promote?
Currently only